Annual Civic & Community Engagement Awards

The Civic & Community Engagement Awards, held annually, honor individuals and groups for their outstanding leadership, service, and collaboration. These accomplishments serve as the foundation that deepens the connections between the University and the community. This celebratory event provides a platform to applaud the remarkable contributions of our students, faculty, staff, and community partners, acknowledging their exceptional impact on communities through service and community-engaged scholarship.

Award Categories

The Faculty Award for Excellence in Community Engaged Learning aims to honor distinguished SF State faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to community engagement through the effective utilization of community engaged learning as a pedagogical approach. 

Selection Criteria: 

  • Extensive Engagement Experience: Candidates should showcase experience in designing and delivering at least one community engaged learning opportunity within their courses. 

  • Innovative Reflective Teaching: Applicants must provide evidence of innovative approaches to incorporating reflective teaching methodologies that bridge the gap between community engaged learning and academic study. 

  • Partnership Significance: Summarize the service learning or community engagement activities, detailing partnerships involved and any embedded scholarship. Emphasize the impact and contributions made through the collaboration. 

  • Intentional Student Engagement: Clearly articulate how the service-learning activities intentionally involve students in addressing community issues, actively seeking solutions, and outline efforts made to communicate or publicize the accomplishments achieved.

Nomination Process:

  • Nominations for the award may be submitted by academic colleagues, administrators, and community partners. By recognizing and honoring faculty members who excel in community engaged learning, the award not only acknowledges their contributions but also serves as a catalyst for inspiring others to actively integrate and enhance community engagement within the academic environment. 

Student Award for Excellence in Community Engaged Learning is designed to acknowledge the outstanding contributions and profound impact that SF State students make in our neighboring communities through their community engaged learning experiences and exceptional outreach efforts within the Bay Area. This award celebrates students who demonstrate a deep commitment to service, both within the context of their academic pursuits and through their personal dedication to community engagement. Recipients of this prestigious award embody a commitment to cultivating a culture of engagement at our institution, further solidifying SF State's dedication to supporting the communities we serve. Whether through individual initiatives or as part of a collective effort, these students distinguish themselves through their exemplary contributions to community betterment. 

Selection Criteria: 

  • Civic Commitment and Community Impact: Showcase evidence of the nominee's commitment to civic engagement, community awareness, and positive impact on the community through service learning. This may include proactive engagement with community partners, exceptional or innovative service accomplishments, leadership in inspiring and engaging others, and a demonstrable record of outstanding service. 

  • Academic Learning and Personal Development: Present evidence of the impact on academic learning and personal development. Highlight instances where the nominee demonstrated excellence in critical thinking, quality reflection, a deep understanding of course material, and personal growth resulting from the service-learning experience. 

Nomination Process: 

  • Faculty, staff, and community members are invited to nominate students for this award. The nomination process encourages a broad and inclusive participation, ensuring that deserving students from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines are considered for their remarkable contributions to community engagement and service. 

Community Partnership Award for Campus Collaboration seeks to recognize and celebrate the remarkable initiatives of community partners who play an active role in elevating the quality of life within our local communities. This award specifically recognizes campus-community partnerships that have made significant strides in improving student learning outcomes, increasing faculty awareness, and deepening knowledge of community needs. A pivotal aspect of consideration is the influential role these organizations and agencies play in shaping course content. 

Selection Criteria: 

  • Meets a Need: Emphasize the nominee's effectiveness in identifying and responding to a pressing community need.

  • Connects Campus and Community: Outline the approaches or strategies used by the nominee to build connections between campus and community. Highlight any innovative partnerships or collaborations formed. Share examples of how the initiative practices that encourage broad participation.  

  • Engaged StudentsStaff, and/ or Faculty in Service: Detail how the nominee actively involves students, staff, and/or faculty in experiential learning opportunities. Provide examples of inclusive practices that encourage broad participations. Share testimonials or evidence of the engagement’s positive impact on participants. 

Nomination Process: 

  • Students and faculty are encouraged to nominate community partners for this prestigious award. Additionally, organizations and agencies may submit self-nominations, reflecting their commitment and impact in fostering collaborative initiatives with the university. This inclusive nomination process seeks to capture diverse perspectives and experiences, ensuring that community partners who have made exceptional contributions to campus collaboration are duly recognized. 

Staff Award for Excellence in Community Engagement seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the commendable efforts of SF State staff members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to outreach and engagement within Bay Area communities, both personally and professionally. This award aims to recognize staff who have truly distinguished themselves through their outstanding contributions to community engagement. Recipients of this award have left an indelible mark on our institution's culture of engagement, contributing significantly to the strengthening of SF State's commitment to supporting the communities we serve. 

Selection Criteria: 

  • Outstanding Achievement and Commitment: Demonstrate the nominee's outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to community engagement. Showcase how they have actively supported projects, activities, and/or courses that have had a positive impact on the communities involved. 

Nomination Process: 

  • Faculty, staff, students, and community members are invited to nominate staff members for this prestigious award. The inclusive nomination process is designed to capture a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. Self-nominations are also welcomed, ensuring that staff members who have made noteworthy contributions to community engagement are duly recognized and celebrated. Through this recognition, SF State aims to inspire a continued culture of community engagement and service among its staff members. 

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