Community Partnerships

Welcome! We genuinely appreciate your commitment to educating our students and fostering collaboration within our campus community. Your dedication to community engagement serves as the driving force behind our efforts to assist you to the best of our ability. ICCE operates within the Academic Affairs division of the university, working closely with faculty and students. Our primary role is to facilitate the development of relationships between partner organizations and faculty, enabling them to access the resources offered by SF State.

SF State establishes valuable partnerships with companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, creating meaningful connections between faculty, students, and communities across the Bay Area and beyond. These partnerships play a crucial role in enhancing classroom learning by providing practical and experiential components.

Through community service and internship opportunities facilitated by these partnerships, SF State students gain hands-on experience, enriching their education. By fostering enduring commitments and relationships with the community, we aim to support your organization's mission and programs. These collaborative initiatives contribute to preparing our students to become active and impactful members of society. They develop the skills needed to make informed, civic-minded decisions and provide innovative solutions for the complex social, health, economic, scientific, and civic challenges of our time.

We extend an invitation for organizations to establish a formal partnership with SF State and ICCE, becoming an integral part of our engaged campus community, which comprises dedicated students, faculty, and staff. As a valued community partner, your organization stands to benefit from resources aimed at enhancing your capacity by recruiting SF State students for both volunteer and paid opportunities.

Our support includes structured programs and administrative services to assist your organization in addressing community-based issues and achieving action-oriented goals. Additionally, we offer various avenues for showcasing your organization, such as social media advertisements and features in the campus newsletter. Through collaborative campus-community partnerships, we aim to co-create positive changes and foster an institution of higher education that is fully engaged in meaningful endeavors.

Our commitment to community partners involves providing a range of valuable services:

  1. Technical Assistance: We offer support in designing high-quality, marketable, and appropriate academic internship and service-learning opportunities.

  2. Access to ULink: Community partners receive free access to our digital community engagement platform, ULink. This platform facilitates networking with SF State students, faculty, and staff.

  3. Recruitment through ULink: Utilize ULink to recruit students for volunteer, service, and internship opportunities. Create and post position descriptions in a user-friendly database at no cost, with the ability to retain them in archive mode for future use.

  4. Work Hours Tracking: We provide tools to efficiently track student work hours and facilitate the evaluation process for providers.

  5. Advertisement Opportunities: Your organization can benefit from targeted advertisement through social media and our campus newsletter, reaching the SF State community.

  6. Introduction to Departments and Faculty: We can facilitate introductions to relevant departments and faculty members to conduct action-oriented research and projects.

  7. Grant Opportunities: Stay informed about grant opportunities and other pertinent on-campus activities through our regular notifications.

These services aim to streamline collaboration and support our community partners in achieving their goals effectively.

If you are a department/program/division on campus and are wanting to host service learners and academic interns and do not currently have an ULink account, please, refer to the below link: 

Per Enterprise Risk Management, all SF State-affiliated on-campus programs/depts./divisions wishing to host service learners and academic interns must register with SF State ULink and be provided an "On-Campus Learning Site Acknowledgment" to review.  

If you are a student organization group at SF State, we recommend that you post your available opportunities on the SF State Activities & Events platform, specifically for on-campus student organizations and clubs.



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