Panetta Congressional Internship Program


Panetta Congressional Internship

Each fall semester, the Panetta Institute for Public Policyprovides select CSU students with an intensive two-week training course at the institute located in Monterey before sending them to Washington, DC, for an all expenses paid, 11-week internship serving for a California member in the House of Representatives. In Washington, DC, Panetta interns will attend special seminars with government leaders, journalists, and policy experts. ICCE is in charge of assisting the SF State Panetta intern build an ePortfolio to document their internship experiences, connect with past Panetta interns, and complete outreach information session as well as classroom presentations to select the next intern.  

Students majoring in any subject are eligible to apply. The internship covers all expenses, including air travel, and food and lodging while in Monterey and Washington, DC. Each intern also will receive a stipend to help cover other expenses. Interns may earn up to 20 semester credits through CSU Monterey for a semester.


  • Fall 2020 applications have now closed
  • Please check back May 2020 for upcoming informational workshops
  • Applications are typically due 2nd week of February (spring)
  • For more information, please contact Jennifer L. Gasang, Executive Director 415-338-3282

Application Information                          

Each Fall semester, the Panetta Institute for Public Policy provides select CSU students:

  • Two-week training course at the Panetta Institute in Monterery before sending them to  Washington, D.C.
  • All expenses paid, 11-week internship with college units earned from CSU Monterery
  • Attendance during special seminars with government leaders, journalists, and policy experts.
  • Professional development through building an EPORTFOLIOand linking it with their LinkedIn profile to expand networking opportunities 
  • Professional experience for graduate school and/or future career

Student Eligibility

  • Students majoring in any subject are eligible to apply
  • U.S. citizen and State of California resident
  • Upper division undergraduate: Junior or Senior status during internship (120 units maximum)
  • Superior academic achievement (3.3+ GPA)
  • Demonstrated commitment to community and public service and leadership
  • Excellent English oral and written skills to interact with constituents appropriately
  • Willing to live in assigned group housing during the entire 11-week program
  • Never been disciplined under the CA Code of Regulations, Title 5, Article 2, Sec. 41301
  • Proof of health insurance that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act and covers the students while residing and working in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area
  • Successful compeltion of a background check


  • Conduct entry level work and additional tasks as needed or required by supervisor
  • Provide tours of Capitol Building
  • Draft correspondence, attend hearins, take notes and provide reports
  • Conduct legislative research

Expectations if Selected


  • Be willing to live in assigned group housing with other interns during the entire program
  • Work full-time in a Congressional Office
  • Accept entry level work assigned to unpaid assistants (interns)
  • Take on assigned tasks and work hard
  • Attend reqiried seminars in Washington, D.C. (arranged by the Panetta Institute)
  • Submit a brief weekly report to the Panetta Institute:
  • Maintain a journal
  • Write a twenty-page research paper


  • Document internship experience while in Washington on the SF State using ePortfolio
  • Help recruit the next Panetta intern by making presentations in classrooms
  • Conduct two info sessions, one each semester, in collaboration with ICCE
  • Participate in the Panetta selection committee to select the next intern
  • Document final research project with the ICCE archives

Students must be able to participate fully in this Congressional Internship Program and not be involved in any other employment or pursuit of employment. Further, no additional course enrollment is allowed outside of the Congressional Internship Program. That includes preparing for or scheduling of LSAT, MCAT, ORE, or other graduate school exams or preparing for other tests. And, finally, students will not be excused for family or other reasons unless there is an emergency or extenuating circumstance.

Panetta Congressional Interns - Past and Present

Samantha Logan - SF State's 2019 Panetta Congressional Intern 



Panetta Congressional Interns: 2008-Present

Where are they now? Check out their LinkedIn profiles!

Panetta ePortfolios

2017: Tigran Agdaian

Major: Environmental Studies

Interned with Rep.John Garamendi (D)

2014: Caoimhe McOsker

Major: Social Work

Interned with Rep. Juan Vargas (D)

2016: Gabriel Escobedo

Major: Political Science

Interned with Rep. Toney Cardenas (D)

2013: Margaux Curcuru

Major: Philosophy & Law

Interned with Rep. Judy Chu (D)

2015: Kayla Tolentino

Major: Health Educaion

Interned with Rep. Tony Cardenas (D)

2012: Aerris Hoskins

Major: Political Science

Interned with Rep. Pete Stark (D)

2011: Ashley McDougald

Major: Political Science

Interned with Rep. Barbara Lee (D)

2010: Erica Maybaum

Major: Master of Social Work

Interned with Rep.Jackie Speier (D)

2009: Marc Joseph Wirtz

Major: Business

Interned with Rep. Dan Lungren (R)

2008: Jennifer McCrea-Steele

Major: Communication Studies

Interned with Rep. Jackie Speier (D)

2018: Daniel Richardson

Major: Economics & Business

Interned with Rep. Doris Matsui (D)




Panetta Interns Policy Papers