SF State ULink

ULink is SF State's official community engagement online portal


If you are seeking an internship (to receive academic credit) and/or service learning placement site, this is the start of your journey to find opportunities (both non profit and for profit) and causes in the community!


If you are hoping to browse a list of our community partners, establish connections to facilitate community-engaged work, this website is also for you. You can view a list of your students, monitor your students' service hours, post your own projects and even apply for community opportunities.


Recruit SF State students to volunteer (paid opportunities, as well) with you. Through this platform you can connect with students who are who passionate in learning about your cause and organization/business.

To All Users: If you are experiencing ULink connectivity issues, try a different browser. If you have other ULink related issues or feedback, please contact Glendie Domingo at glendie@sfsu.edu

How It Works

Check out the graphic below to see how all profiles connect within ULink!