Service Learning

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What is community service learning (CSL)?

The goal of CSL is to make connections between course topics and real world issues. Service learning gives you a structured experience which you can use to evaluate, assess, and apply the knowledge you encounter in class while addressing community-defined needs. It provides an opportunity for you to make the most out of your academic experience...while making a difference.  Service learning is a high impact learning practice that takes you beyond our campus and into Bay Area communities in partnership with community-based organizations and city agencies. It is also a way to strengthen your understanding of social justice, explore the root causes of social problems, and examine your personal values and beliefs. 

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Why do service learning?

  • Get hands-on experience in your field of study, like Stacey Jones.
  • Enhance your resume while exploring career opportunities. Students, like Amee Bearne and Samantha Roxas, got a job after graduation because of their civic work.
  • Boost your grad school application. Community service-learning (CSL) hours on your Official Transcript show initiative and commitment.
  • Make friends and develop networking opportunities.

The following two guides offer clear and inspiring information for students about the huge value of volunteer work––especially skills-based opportunities. The first is about service-learning, and the important mutual benefits for both the student and the community served through these voluntary programs. The guide highlights the potentially life-changing opportunity for students to use classroom learning to impact real-life, develop their skills in a specific field, and experience a wider appreciation of that field.  The second goes a step further, detailing how graduates can use their skill set to give back to the community through both volunteering and working for non-profit organizations.

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