Service Learning Student Assistant Grant

Assistance to support the implementation of high quality CSL opportunities

Purpose: Whether faculty are managing an on-going CSL course/service-learning component, or developing a new CSL course/service-learning course component, it is often helpful to have assistance with some of the unique aspects of service learning. The funds are targeted toward the part-time wage of a Service Learning Assistant (SLA). The SLA must be a current undergraduate or graduate student at SF State and can assist for up to 20 hours per week for one-term (maximum of 16 weeks). (Note: Standard pay range is $16.50-$18.00 per hour and the rate for student hire through this grant can be decided by faculty member but cannot be less than $16.50 per hour).

The SLA will assist in the development and growth of community partnerships, the development of service-learning support materials, and the facilitation of service-learning opportunities. Examples of student responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Delivering presentations to communicate the purpose, logistics, and context of service learning
  • Leading in-class and on-site orientations with the community partner
  • Assist with coordination of student placements
  • Ongoing problem-solving, mentoring and logistical support for student peers
  • Collection and documentation of relevant service-learning course documents (acknowledgement forms, completion of hours, risk management, etc.). ICCE staff are available to answer questions.
  • Assist with planning and facilitating reflection activities
  • Analysis of community partner, student, and faculty mid and end of semester evaluations
  • If SL experience is remote/virtual, assist with monitoring and tracking successes and challenges.

Service Learning Assistants are not:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Allowed to grade papers or reflection assignments
  • Expected to enroll in the service-learning course (but optional)
  • Allowed to approve new partners or activities without instructor consent and ICCE risk management & liability processes completed
  • Permitted to help develop special projects outside of the scope of normal course coordination

Eligibility:  Faculty of all ranks who are currently teaching, have taught, or will be teaching an officially designated SF State CSL course are eligible to apply. The grants are also available to staff members involved in the administration of CSL courses, service-learning related course components, or service-learning initiatives.

  • SLAs hired must be currently enrolled at SF State.
  • Applicants must indicate in the budget proposal the desired hourly pay and number of hours to justify requested award amount.
  • Funds will be transferred the applicant’s department/program/school

Grant proposals will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • The SLA role focuses on supporting a service-learning component, and developing career related employability skills (e.g., effective oral and written communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking).
  • Clarity of activities the faculty/staff member has planned for the SLA.
  • Outline of the potential benefits and learning outcomes of proposed experiences for the SLA, including descriptions of the mentoring and supervision that the faculty/staff member will provide the SLA.
  • Evidence the SLA support will aid the faculty/staff member to improve the quality of, or build capacity to, expand existing service learning activities/components for the course.