Partner for the Public Good

Advancing Community Goals Through Community Partnerships 

Since the formation of our Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) in 2007, we have continued upholding the national reputation of creating innovative partnerships between campus and community to address critical community issues. To date, we have partnered with 440+ diverse organizations and broadened the base of student and faculty involvement in civic engagement across the Bay Area and beyond into local communities across California as well as othe states in the nation.

Our mission is to connect SF State faculty, staff, and students with the Bay Area community through strategic partnerships that develop civic & social responsibility leading to positive impacts in communities. We believe that by fostering sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with diverse organizations across the Bay Area and beyond, these collaborations can assist in launching and developing creative solutions to community challenges. 

What We Offer 

We offer organizations an opportunity to enter a formal partnership with SF State and ICCE to join our campus community of engaged learners composed of dedicated students, faculty, and staff. As a valued community partner, your organization will benefit from resources to increase your organization's capacity by recruting SF State students for volunteer or paid opportunities. We provide stucture and administrative services to help your organization find the assistance you are seeking to address community-based problems and focus on action-oriented goals. We also offer many different avenues for spotlighing your organization through social media advertisement as well as the campus newsletter. Together, campus-community partnerships can help co-create positive changes through creating an institution of higher education that is fully engaged. 

Our services to our community partners:

  • Access to our digital community engagement platform, ULink, to network with SF State students and faculty/staff
  • Student recruitment for volunteer and service opportuniteis that fulfill your organization's capacity through ULink 
  • Organization and opportunity advertisement to SF State community through social media and campus newsletter
  • Introduction to departments and/or faculty members to conduct action-oriented research and/or projects
  • Technical support for ULink

Shared Core Values

We seek to partner with organizations and agencies that not only strive to create positive community change, but also share similar core values of:

  • Equity & justice 
  • Courage & cultural humility
  • Positive impact
  • Life-long learning & scholarship 
  • Collaboration & partnerships
  • Creating meaningful connections
  • Respect for self and others 
  • Democracy & civic knowledge 

Resources for Partnership