Partner for the Public Good

Advancing Community Goals & Creating Learning Opportunities

Partnering with SF State's service-learning program can bring substantial benefits to your agency and offers the opportunity to draw on the talents, time, and knowledge of SF State students, staff, and faculty. In reciprocation, as community members, you play an important role as co-educators for our students, sharing your knowledge of complex social issues and mentorship. Increasing student learning while helping to co-create positive changes in our communities is at the heart of partnering with SF State.

Service Learning at SF State

  • At SF State we have not adopted a formal definition but we use the following to describe service-learning:
    “Service learning is a process through which students are involved in community work that contributes significantly: 1) to positive change in individuals, organizations, neighborhoods, and/or larger systems in a community; and 2) to students’ academic understanding, civic development, personal or career growth, and/or understanding of larger social issues. This process always includes an intentional and structured educational/developmental component for students, and may be employed in curricular or co-curricular settings. Even with an expanded vision for the field, service-learning will undoubtedly continue to play a critical role in campus-community collaboration.” From Charity to Change, by Minnesota Campus Compact
  • Service learning distinguishes itself from academic internships and other credit-bearing community experiences in several ways. Learn more about the differences
  • At SF State, we are on a semester academic calendar. Students are asked to serve with community partners 20-40 hours over a 10-15 week period (depending on the course requirements and the needs of the service site). View calendar