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SF State students are hired to provide academic support in SF Unified School District K-4th grade classrooms. America Reads (AR) is a great opportunity for those interested in pursuing a teaching career and gaining important skills during their participation in the program. Partnering with the Graduate College of Education, America Reads participants gain insight into the teaching credential pathways provided by the Department of Elementary Education.

AR is attached to the E ED 645 / 699 Direct Experiences with Children course. To participate and become an AR Literacy Tutor, students must be enrolled in E ED 645/699.



America Reads is a federally funded work-study program and has been present at SF State since 1997. The "America Reads Challenge" stems from President Clinton's educational initiative to ensure that every child in America learned to read well with the help of a reading tutor. Federal work-study funds enable colleges and universities to hire service-minded college students to help meet this challenge.

E ED 645 / 699 Directed Experiences with Children course was created specifically to be aligned with the America Reads (AR) program, however, it is now open to all students. 

Students who are enrolled in this course and have Federal Work-Study on their Financial Aid Award means that they are eligible to be an America Reads participant and be paid for the time that they work at their assigned school site through Work-Study funds. There are no additional tasks/assignments when taking part in AR since this program is integrated with E ED 645.

Paid Opportunity!

America Reads participants are San Francisco State University undergraduate and graduate students from various backgrounds and majors who are interested in working with youth. As part of their training, AR participants utilize creative and innovative ways to design culturally relevant lesson plans to enhance the reading experience for their assigned students. Over time, AR participants develop experience and understanding related to working in urban public schools, while they make connections with teachers, principals, supervisors, and most of all their elementary-level students. AR participants' end of the program has made an impact on the schools' community and has been personally transformed by their one-on-one tutoring sessions.

The training course (E ED 645)  is ongoing throughout the academic year and provides participants with over 52 hours of in-depth preparation, problem-solving, and community-building. Average AR participants will spend more than 200 hours in an elementary-level classroom.

Seeking dynamic participants for SF State America Reads!

  • Attain experience working with elementary-age students in the classrooms

  • Gain the required hours of field experience necessary for admittance to SF State's Elementary Education credential program

  • Utilize innovative and creative methods to increase students’ skill levels in the academics needed to improve their literacy skills

  • Inspire and learn from your tutees, peers, and teachers

  • Build your resume for graduate school and/or your future career


  • $18.07 per hour (effective Aug. 2023)
  • Eligible and accept Federal Work-Study on your Financial Aid Award.  

  • No experience is needed, just a passion and desire to work with elementary-age youth.

  • Enroll in a special 3-unit Credit/No Credit [EE D 645 "Direct Experiences with Children] training class every Thursday from 4-7 pm, both Fall and Spring Semesters

  • Commitment to work for one academic school year (August-May)

  • Available to work 6-10 hours a week, during school hours: 8:00 am-3:30 pm. Exact times will be determined with the assigned classroom teacher and student schedule availability. 

  • Desired Second Language Skills: Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese, Samoan, Korean

This AR Literacy tutor position is only available for students who are enrolled in E ED 645 / 699 Directed Experiences with Children. Students who are enrolled in this course and work-study eligible, will then be hired through ICCE.

Students: if you are currently enrolled in E ED 645 for the Fall 2023 semester and would like to be a part of America Reads program, complete this Interest form to let us know you are interested.

There are no additional tasks/assignments when taking part in AR since this program is integrated with E ED 645.

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