Call to Service Initiative Grants


Call to Service grants support SF State faculty and staff in providing service-learning, community and civic engagement opportunities to students and in disseminating service-learning knowledge, research or findings. Civic engagement, which is part of ICCE's mission and statement of shared values, focuses on the opportunity to make a personal connection to complex social problems in our communities.

Community Service Learning (CSL), in particular, is recognized as one of the high-impact practices for student success, which also aligns with the University’s strategic plan. CSL also creates or enhances campus-community partnerships, uses civic involvement to meet specific learning objectives of an academic course, engages students and invigorates teaching, and creates research and publishing opportunities for faculty.   
Faculty Review, Tenure and Promotion (RTP): These opportunities include the pillars of Teaching, Service, and Research through the scholarship of engagement.  An ICCE grant award can support outcomes and results of faculty/staff, and student experiences that generate, transmit, apply, and preserve knowledge for the direct benefit of varied audiences in ways that are consistent with SF State and department RTP objectives across disciplines.  The culture of service-learning and community-engaged scholarship can enhance faculty RTP in ways that are both rigorous and impactful.
The vision of this grant program is to cultivate and sustain strong, collaborative partnerships designed to model excellence in University and community engagement. Our office serves as a bridge between SF State and the surrounding San Francisco communities, emphasizing partnerships that value and respect the assets and diversity of both. We are grateful for continued annual funding provided through the CSU Chancellor's Office Call to Service Initiative.

Call for Proposals: AY 2021-2022  

Online Submission - now open! 

Funding available for class/teaching, service-related, and/or research or scholarship activities (includes planning) and events to take place during calendar year 2022 (January 1–December 28, 2022). Funding is provided and contingent upon the CSU Chancellor’s Office Call to Service Initiative. 

DEADLINE: October 15, 2021


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