Service-Learning in the Disciplines

Service-learning courses are offered in all disciplines. ICCE can help you create or deepen your service-learning class. We provide models of other courses, sample syllabi, resources for course construction, reflective analysis tools, and support for community partnership development to promote safe and positive learning experiences.

Examples of service-learning activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning a course concept through addressing community-based issues 
  • Sharing academic resources to conduct community-based research 
  • Tutoring students or adults 
  • Providing informational presentations
  • Volunteering with an organization or agency 
  • Developing materials or projects, which serve to increase an organization's or agency's organizational capacity
  • Community projects focused on restoration and preservation 
  • Developing guides on community services and gathering information 
  • Conducting informational campaigns 
  • Drafting legislation 

In the case of Arts and Humanities, service learning may also be applicable to any kind of community service involving information dissemination and communicating to relevant audiences.

Applicable examples for different departments: