Impact of Service-learning on Agencies

Impact of CSL on Community Agencies

In 2003 and in 2011, the CSL program conducted an outside assessment of the impact SF State students had on community-based organizations. A majority of survey respondents indicated that student volunteers significantly improved the quantity and quality of services their organizations offered, and were culturally competent, well prepared to volunteer, and able to provide high‐quality work. For more information and a copy of the reports, please email Jen Gasang at

National research shows that community organizations report that service-learning:

  • Increases their satisfaction with student volunteerism
  • Provides useful service to communities
  • Enhances University relations
  • Provides access to university resources
  • Provides positive relationship opportunities with the university
  • Builds awareness of community issues, agencies and constituents
  • Provides opportunities to contribute to the educational process
  • Provides affordable access to professional development
  • Provides short- and long-term solutions to pressing community needs
  • Provides opportunities to have an impact on student cultural understanding by providing community voice

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