Civic Engagement / Civic Learning Grant

Purpose: To support programs/centers in their capacity building (e.g., planning, organizational development) leading to the implementation of a service-related project with goal of increasing civic-minded individuals, or a specific civic engagement project, and/or related civic learning effort.

Eligibility: Individual programs/centers within ASI/Student Affairs and student organizations fiscally sponsored, or supervised by a department/college working for justice in any way
(e.g., social, economic, political, environmental) may apply for this grant.

Note: Please contact ICCE before proposal submission to ensure that funds can be transferred to the applying program/center, and/or department/college.

  • Funds will be transferred to the applying program/center/department/college.

Grant proposals will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Outline and give examples for how your project/initiative serves to strengthen capacity building, develop civic-minded individuals, and elevate student leadership opportunities.

  • Explain how funds will be used to express thoughtful, or mindful, democratic discourse leading to potential action.

  • Describe how the intended efforts will become sustainable over time and lead to institutionalizing civic engagement into your program/center.

  • Preference will be given to programs that show indication of off-campus, student involvement in community-based efforts/initiatives.

  • Community Needs/Issue: Proposed projects must have a public purpose or result in a benefit to a specific community.  State how the service component addresses community-identified needs, issues, and/or goals.

  • Preference will be given to applicants who address one or all of the following:

           a. development of CE/CSL remote/virtual experiences; and/or

           b. increase partnerships and CE/CL opportunities with Black-led organizations and organizations that service the Black community.