Community Engaged Learning Attribute Initiative


As part of the Chancellor’s Office 2018-19 California’s Call to Service Initiative, a systemwide accountability goal was identified: Strengthen a Sustainable Data Collection Infrastructure to improve comprehensive data collection efforts on service learning (SL) and community engagement systemwide. The charge by the Chancellor’s Office is that all campuses implement a common systemwide service-learning attribute (CSLI) in the student information system (CMS) to effectively identify and track SL courses. With this, a working group consisting of representatives from the Chancellor’s Office and a few CSU campuses along with a faculty member from the Academic Senate CSU have:

  • Identified community-engaged learning (CEL) as the umbrella term to capture a broad array of courses in which community engagement is embedded.

  • Created two common systemwide definitions and corresponding attributes, using minimum criteria that meets the definition, to be implemented within the CSU’s student information system that allow for the identification and encouragement of all types of community-engaged learning taking place. (CSLI) for service learning and (CCEL) for other forms of curricular community-engaged learning.

  • Developed a Taxonomy that presents the essential elements for CEL and outlines the implementation spectrum for CEL Courses.

  • Developed tools to facilitate the designation of service-learning courses and the application of the CSLI and CCEL attributes. Please see the "Resources" section below for the CEL Taxonomy and Definitions and Faculty Guide FAQs links.

Implementation and Timeline

Two phase implementation of pilot:

  • Phase I: Fall 2020 to select campuses

  • Phase II: Spring 2021 to remaining campuses (SF State falls into this category)

Fall 2020

  • ICCE will communicate with faculty and campus stakeholders, e.g. ITS on the alignment of the CEL initiative with existing campus efforts

Late Fall ‘20/early Spring ‘21

  • ICCE will outreach and encourage/invite faculty to complete the CEL Faculty Survey Tool (online survey; takes ~10-15 minutes to complete) 

  • ICCE will specifically target faculty with SL/CEL courses to pilot CEL tool for attribute application


CEL Survey Tool - We invite you to complete!

Please help SF State do our part in the systemwide attribute implementation pilot and complete the online survey: