CSLI Attribute Guide

Effective for fall 2021 semester, there are new values within Campus Solutions when coding a course section as community service learning.

In past semesters, the process was to identify and code a course section by using “Y”- yes, this section is CSL. As part of the Chancellor’s Office California’s Call to Service Initiative, a systemwide accountability goal was identified: Strengthen a Sustainable Data Collection Infrastructure to improve comprehensive data collection efforts on service learning (SL) and community engagement systemwide. The charge by the CO is that all campuses implement a common systemwide service-learning attribute (CSLI) in the student information system to effectively identify and track SL courses. More information can be found on the CSU CO CEL Attribute Initiative webpage.

As a result, the new values in CS are: Required (R), Extra Credit (EC) and Optional (O) (see image below).

When contacting your faculty, AOCs/Dept. Chairs should ask about the following to best assist them in identifying which course sections apply to them for this CSLI attribute under these new values:

  • Will you be teaching/offering your course section as CSL?

  • If yes, please identify whether the CSL assignments/projects/activities will be Required (R), Extra Credit (EC) or Optional (O) for students enrolled in the course, where

    • R (required): all students enrolled in the course must participate in CSL activities and complete related assignments. CSL is embedded into course curriculum.
    • EC (extra credit): enrolled students have the option to participate in some or all CSL activities and assignments and will be awarded extra credit for those activities and assignments.
    • O (optional): enrolled students can elect to participate in CSL activities and complete related assignments OR participate in traditional “classroom” activities and complete related assignments.

As a friendly reminder, the CSLI attribute of a course section is important to ensure that the course instructor will have the ability to record student CSL hours within their SF Gateway Faculty Center at the end of the semester. These recorded hours will appear on their students’ official transcripts. HOW TO RECORD CSL HOURS