Use of Funds

All disbursements must comply with established campus policies for purchasing, procurement, reimbursement, travel authorization and claims, and tax reporting/withholding. Upon notification of an award, both grant recipients and their department budget officer must attend an ICCE contract meeting where disbursement procedures will be explained.

Grant funds may be used to support the following expenses (varies by grant category):

Faculty Compensation

Funds may be used to compensate the faculty member who develops and implements the grant-funded activity. All or any portion of the grant may be used for this purpose. Compensation is subject to taxation and tax withholding.

Partner Services

Funds may be used to compensate the community partner that works with faculty to develop and implement the grant-funded activity. Grant applications containing funding requests for partner services will not be approved until the Partner Agency has filed a Vendor Data Record, provided a detailed scope of work (including costs) and a provisional approval from SF State Procurement has been obtained by ICCE. Faculty must ensure that the community partner completes these details and any subsequent disbursement requirements in conjunction with ICCE.

Supplies & Materials

Funds will be transferred to the applicant’s department/program for supplies and services necessary for the implementation of the CSL course and/or civic engagement-related activities.


Hospitality reimbursement expenses allowed, if official guests are present, which includes employees visiting from another work location, students, and community members. Funds will be transferred to the applicant's department/program/school.

Student Assistant(s) 

  • Service Learning Course: Funds can be used to hire a student assistant(s) to facilitate partnerships with service-learning placement sites and support faculty and students enrolled in the course in completing the service-learning assignment. Student Assistants must be currently enrolled at SF State and must be directly supervised by the faculty member.  Funds will be transferred to the applicant’s department/program.
  • Civic Engagement/Civic Learning: Funds can be used to hire student assistant(s) to support the capacity building (e.g., planning, organizational development) leading to the implementation of the proposed service-related project. Funds will be transferred to the applicant’s department/program.

Travel (relating to civic engagement and/or service learning)

ICCE does not process travel authorizations or claims on behalf of grantees or students. Before funds are transferred to grantees’ department/program, copies of travel authorization approvals must be provided to ICCE. Funds will be transferred to the applicant’s department/program.

Non-allowable costs for all grants:

  • Faculty course release time
  • Alcohol, receptions, entertainment costs (e.g., tickets to recreational events, gift cards, ball games, etc.), and/or banquets
  • Scholarships, gifts, or other prize monies, raffles
  • Paying participants to complete a service experience
  • Travel insurance
  • Lease of facilities
  • Campaigning or political mailings
  • Equipment (e.g., printers, laptops, monitors, cell phones)
  • Tuition of any kind