Department/Program/School Level Service Learning Grant


This initiative seeks to support departments/programs that wish to develop or strengthen service learning opportunities for faculty and students. Grants will be awarded to plan, establish, and implement strategic initiatives to further advance the integration of service learning into the program/department/school, overall.

Eligibility: Individual departments and/or programs may apply for these funds to develop, strengthen, and integrate service learning into their programs, more broadly.

Award Amount: Up to $7,000 will be awarded

  • Funds will be transferred directly to the department/program/school awarded

Grant proposals will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Service-Learning Description/DesignBeyond a general description of the service-learning component, project, or initiative, the proposal must address best practices of service learning that will be utilized. Proposals must clearly state the integration of academic concepts with the service experience. That is, how does the service component bring depth to your department and/or program?
  • Student Learning Outcomes: The service-learning component must have well-defined student learning outcomes, service project/activity objectives, and student engagement in ongoing critical reflection. Projects should realistically be achieved within one semester timeframe. The proposal should also detail a plan to assess the effectiveness and impact of the service learning component.  Note: Indicate if you are willing to use and help pilot any of the new CSL interdisciplinary service learning outcomes.  See ICCE 2.0 Strategic Plan, p. 8. A student survey has been created via Qualtrics for this purpose and is being reviewed/finalized to launch starting spring 2019.
  • Community Needs/Issue: Community engagement/service learning projects must have a public purpose or result in a benefit to a specific community of interest. Proposals must state how the service component addresses community-identified needs, issues, and/or organizational goals.
  • Integration of Best Practices for Service-Learning: The project must demonstrate how the principles of service learning will be integrated into the department/program/school (e.g., reciprocal relationship building with community partner, opportunities for student reflection, incorporation of academic concepts into service experience, etc.).
  • Provide a timeframe for implementation of the service learning initiative being funded through this grant.
  • Clarity and adequacy of budget.