Partnerships in Service Learning Grant

Funding to strengthen and deepen relationships with community partners


  • These grants will provide financial support to SF State faculty and staff members, in collaboration with community organizations, who are initiating or deepening relationships to support high-quality service-learning courses. Must result in an implemented project with projected completion date included in the proposal.
  • Two types of funding categories available: 1) New Partnership Funding OR 2) Established Partnership Funding.


Faculty who are currently teaching, have taught, or will be teaching an official SF State community service-learning (CSL) course. Already designated courses are eligible. The grants are also available to staff members involved in the administration of CSL courses, service-learning related course components, or service learning initiatives.

Award Amount: One grant up to $3,000 will be awarded

  • Note: applicants should focus on one category or the other but cannot submit for both.
  • New Partnership Funding is available to CSL instructors who have a specific plan for working with organizations to co-develop a new service-learning project, or to expand an existing CSL class to include a new service site or service project. Funds can be used for community partner honorarium (funds will be paid directly to the organization, not the individual).
  • Established Partnership Funding is available to CSL instructors who have already established a service-learning partnership with individuals/organizations and would like to expand or deepen their partnership to include scholarship or other high-level collaborative activities. Funds can be used for community partner honorarium.

Grant proposals will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Merit and feasibility of proposed project to establish or deepen a sustained service-learning partnership with organization or agency in the community.
  • Evidence of mutual benefit and mutual contributions between the service-learning instructor and community partner. At least one letter of support from partner organization confirming both the need for the project and the partner organization's interest in collaborating with the applicant is highly recommended; while not required, letter(s) are a key consideration in the grant review process.
  • Clear description of the specific deliverables that will result from the project as well as anticipated impact on stakeholders.
  • Clarity and adequacy of budget.