CSL Course Designation

In AY 2002-2003, SF State’s Academic Senate passed the Community Service Learning (CSL) Designation Policy, S03-224, which states that CSL courses be identified in the University Bulletin and in Class Schedules to help students identify CSL courses. More than 47 departments currently offer CSL opportunities. The designation policy also provides a procedure for recording the total number of hours students serve each semester on their Official Transcripts. CSL hours help SF State students with applications for scholarships and awards, admissions to graduate or professional programs, and demonstrates career experience to future employers.

If your service-learning course meets best practices, we encourage you to apply for Service-Learning Designation. The course designation process allows our office to support your engagement efforts, provides institutional data on civic engagement, and ensures that students are recognized for their civic engagement efforts as designated service-learning courses appear on student transcripts once the course is complete.

To integrate CSL into an already existing course and/or propose a new course with a built-in CSL component, please follow the steps below:

  1. See suggested timeline. Request a consultation.

  2. Submit a CSL Course Profile / Designation Request to ICCE.

  3. Once your CSL Course Profile / Designation Request has been approved by ICCE, you will have to complete and submit the University's Course Revision Request form.