What if there is an existing "contract" between the partner and the department or faculty before the implementation of this Academic Internship RM Policy?

Per the CSU CO and University Procurement and Risk Management offices, contracts (i.e., Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), dept./program internship agreements) with sites signed by a department representative or faculty are no longer valid and will not suffice if the student requests access to the student professional liability insurance program, SAFECLIP. In order for a student, who is receiving academic credit access to SAFECLIP, a valid Learning Placement Site Agreement (LPSA) must be in place. All liability will fall onto the course instructor and student in the case that there is no valid University agreement in place, should the course instructor approve the placement site and allow the student to do their internship at at learning site that does not have a valid LPSA. The University and the CSU acknowledge only contracts signed by SF State staff that have official designation of authority. ICCE’s Associate Director has the designation to sign the LPSA on behalf of SF State.

Note the following exceptions: For the purpose of CSU EO 1064, “academic internship” does not include student teacher preparation placements or clinical placements such as for nursing, counseling, physical therapy or occupational therapy. These placement sites undergo a separate university agreement that is specific to student teaching and clinical guidelines and is signed by the University's Procurement Director. Please contact your department for more information.