Upcoming Events

Critical Reflection Workshop | Friday, November 16, 2018, 10:00am-noon | Location: ADM 460

Faculty and lecturers are invited to join us in this workshop to learn the benefits of using critical reflection in your Community Service Learning (CSL) course design and implementation.  This workshop is open to faculty who currently teach (or plan to teach) CSL courses. In this workshop, we will:
  • Share how ICCE can assist you in adding critical reflection to your course design
  • Review the value of reflection as a theory and share ways to implement it as a practice.  
  • Provide examples of how it has been used in specific courses and how it has enhanced student learning outcomes. 
  • Schedule time for idea and resource sharing, as well as collaboration amongst colleagues. 
This interactive workshop will support you with new ways to incorporate reflection in your course design, enhance what you have already created, or share your best practices with fellow faculty. 
For more information contact Nina Roberts, Ph.D., ICCE Faculty Director, nroberts@sfsu.edu. Refreshments will be served starting at 9:30am. Space is limited!  | RSVP deadline: Friday, Nov. 9th 

“CSL 101” Workshop | Friday, October 26, 2018, 10a-12pm Location: ADM 460 

Faculty and lecturers come learn about Community Service Learning (CSL) and how to integrate this high impact practice into your courses.  We will discuss the nuts and bolts of how to turn a current course into a CSL-related class for students or create a new CSL course.  We will provide a brief overview of ICCE, talk about what exactly is CSL, and what benefits and values does this contribute to student success.  Service-learning outcomes will also be discussed. We will discuss logistics of designating a course to become an official CSL class including the course proposal content, online form, and review process. This workshop will include an experiential component so participants should bring course syllabi as we’ll engage in small group dialogue as well.  Additionally, we will share what resources are available to faculty and lecturers to support your teaching, research, and service opportunities.
For more information contact Nina Roberts, Ph.D., ICCE Faculty Director, nroberts@sfsu.edu. Refreshments will be served starting at 9:30am. Space is limited! RSVP deadline: Wed, Oct. 17th by 5:00pm