ULink FAQs

Why do I need to register in ULink?

  • When you choose and your course instructor approves your Community Service Learning (CSL) option, you must register with ULink to understand your rights & responsibilities and agree to the student code of conduct.

Why should I use the community partners in ULink?

  • All community partners in ULink are "approved learning sites".
  • When a site is "approved", this means: They are deemed safe based on the guidelines set by the CSU Chancellor’s office; all sites have agreed to a Community Engagement Agreement; agencies are informed about the goals and intentions of the Community Service Learning program; and are given guidance in developing high-quality opportunities that meet the needs of their organization, the clients they serve, and the learning goals of SF State students.

  • When you register in ULink and are placed at an "approved learning site", you will have access to SF State’s liability insurance that covers service-learning students who do community engagement off-campus.

Is ICCE responsible for tracking my hours and grades?

  • ICCE does not give out grades, track your hours nor do we submit your hours to your course instructor. The built in tracking system within ULink is an option/resource that we provide to students and course instructors doing CSL. Please track your hours by using the methods outlined by your course instructor.