Recording CSL Service Hours to Official Student Transcripts

How do I get my students’ community service learning hours on their official transcript?


To begin, go to SF State Gateway. Enter your SF State ID and Password and click on the Login box.     

  1.  Click on the Class Services link in the left sidebar under FACULTY/STAFF.
  2.  Select the Grade Exception Processing link under the Class Services heading.
  3.  Select the Community Services Learning (CSL) button in the left navigation panel. A list of CSL courses is displayed. If needed, select  the term from the Change Term selection box. From this list, select the desired class and click Select Class button.
  4.  When the grade roster opens, enter the CSL hours for each desired student in the CSL Hours column. Select the Submit CSL Hours button  at the bottom of the screen to save the CSL hours.
  5.  A verification screen displays, confirming the CSL Hours submission
  • Course instructors are no longer able to input CSL hours past the grading period at the end of each semester in Campus Solutions.
    •  Fall 2018 CSL hours due: Jan. 4, 2019 by 11:59pm (when grades are due)
    • Spring 2019 CSL hours due: May 31, 2019 by 11:59pm (when grades are due)
  • Per Academic Senate Policy, the minimum amount of CSL hours a student must have completed in order to have these hours on their official transcript is 20 hours.  However, there is no maximum cap to the hours.*

Is ICCE responsible for tracking my students’ hours and grades?

  • ICCE does not assign grades, track student hours, or submit student service hours to the course instructor. The tracking system within ULink49 offers this resource to CSL students and their course instructors. To use this tracking option, course instructors must log-in ULink49 to view the student’s hours that were approved by the community site supervisor. For more information about ULink49, please contact Glendie Domingo-Lipar.