My students are having problems with ULink49 and finding a site

  • If a site is not registered, registered incorrectly, does not have a current opportunity posting in ULink49, or has not completed all steps in the registration process, this may result in the site not being available for selection by students using the online community engagement database, Ulink49. ICCE staff can diagnose the situation and work on resolution; please have your students contact Glendie Domingo-Lipar, Community Partnerships & Campus Outreach Specialist for assistance.
  • Students are having a difficult time identifying a site: ICCE can work with you to develop a list of sites that are pre-approved for the course. ICCE staff can do a classroom presentation and/or schedule individual appointments to coach students in using ULink49's advanced search functions. 
  • Student waits until the last minute to find a site: Your syllabus should identify a deadline for students to complete the online ULink49 registration process. The reflection component should be defined in the syllabus so that students must secure a placement site in order to complete the reflection assignments. A presentation by ICCE at the beginning of the semester will explain why students should find a site as soon as possible and schedule and track their service hours throughout the semester.