I am currently enrolled in a course with the CSL option. What are my next steps?

Some courses include service learning every semester as a required or optional component. On this page you will find information on how to register for a CSL course and find a service learning opportunity.

As part of your service learning course:

1. Refer to your syllabus to review and understand all instructions concerning service learning and what is expected.

2. Register with SF State's community engagement online website, ULINK to understand your rights & responsibilities and agree to the student code of conduct.

3. Find a service learning opportunity/site:

Generally, there are two type of service-learning at SF State. In each of these models, a fundamental goal is to connect your service experience with the classroom content.  Your professor will have assignments and reflection activities that will help you make these connections.

  • Placement - students are expected to find a community organization with which to serve or your instructor will provide you with a list of acceptable organizations where you can serve. Consult your instructor to determine if there is a pre-approved list of service learning sites from which you are to choose. If there is no pre-approved list and you are given the option to choose your own site, it is your responsibility to find a community partner site where you will complete your hours. You will be able to search and apply for a service-learning opportunities in Ulink49. There are 200+ University approved community partners to choose from! Note: We do our best to encourage all community partners in ULink49 to update their profile and post their available opportunities every semester. If you cannot find a current opportunity posting from your desired agency, you are already at a community site and you cannot find your agency and opportunity in ULink49, or you would like to do your service hours with an agency not listed in ULink49, please contact Glendie Domingo-Lipar.
  • Project - you will work with your peers in the classroom to generate a product for a community organization.

5. Once you found your service learning site, submit the following form to your course instructor: Learning Plan

6. Perform the required service and keep track of your hours with your site supervisor. 

You can keep track of your service hours in ULink and request that your Agency Supervisor verify those hours in the system. Refer to your syllabus as to the mechanism that your course instructor wants you to use to track your hours, in addition to ULink. Note: CSL hours completed- a minimum of 20 hours hours or directed by and approved by your instructor, will be posted on your official transcript. 

Give Back: Cultural Humility & Service Learning Video

This video uses images, interviews, and text to provide important background information about the City's diverse neighborhoods and cultures, and how to enter communities respectfully while doing community engaged work. 

All SF State Students participating in community engaged work are recommended to watch this 13- minute video.