My organization is already registered with SF State's Handshake. Why do we need to register with ULink?

Handshake, is SF State's career/jobsite platform, which students use to view and search for employment opportunities both on and off-campus. With a Handshake account, organizations also have the opportunity to post internship opportunities. ULink is different from Handshake in that it has the risk management components embedded into the system, organizations can approve and track intern hours, and have the opportunity to connect with SF State faculty & staff for potential research and service learning projects.

When you post your internship opportunities, students may seek to earn academic credit for their internship with your organization. We refer to this as academic internships. These academic interns are interns that perform an internship alongside a class that requires the internship for course credit. There are a few simple forms involved in regards to risk management between SF State and the host site/organization, and once completed they serve the whole University.  As an approved  partner, your site will be placed on the ULink directory, which SF State students can view as they search for volunteer, internship, and community service learning sites. To begin the process, we ask organizations to register with ULink. However, we do encourage organizations to continue to post on Handshake as well for students will look at both platforms. 

Non-academic interns are students that are taking an internship completely because they are interested in the experience. These positions can be paid or voluntary, but they are completely separate from the University. These internships are not as stringent on specific learning outcomes and do not require a University agreement because the interns are not receiving academic credit.