Addressing Risk Management: Student Forms & Processes

ICCE supports the creation of safe and meaningful service-learning experiences. Central to a good service-learning experience is good communication between the campus and community partner and clear expectations about what the students are supposed to do and learn.

Step 1: Register on ULink49

As the course instructor, register with ICCE’s web-based system for community engagement opportunities, ULink49 and select the CSL approved course you are teaching. (see "Faculty Resources" for instructional Videos)

Step 2: Have Students Register on ULink49

Have your students register with ULink49, which will provide students with information about their Rights and Responsibilities. Please refer students to the "Student Resources" page for instructional videos. When they register, students will be covered under the University’s insurance policy that covers all students (and their course instructors) who do community engagement off-campus. Inform students to link their ULink49 account with your course. This will enable your ability to see which students have registered.*

Step 3: Submit Following Forms

Have your students submit the following forms for your approval (forms should be kept with course records for three years):

Learning Plan











Community Engagement Learning Plan

Students should complete this form and take it to instructor for approval and signature. The purpose of this document is for the student and community partner to understand the learning goals of the course and for the instructor to verify where student(s) are performing their CSL hours. If you need modifications to this form, please contact Jen Gasang


Certificate of Completion











Certificate of Completion

Students will watch the video “Give Back”download the certificate, sign it, and give to course instructor. Additionally, it clarifies what the student's rights/responsibilities are, as well as faculty expectations around civic engagement and leadership development.


Step 4: Site Placement

Provide a list of approved site placements to students:

  • Direct your students to ULink49, which lists more than 200+ University approved community sites that students can choose from.
  • Should you allow your students to work with a community site not listed and approved in ULink49, you may incur personal liability. To get the community site approved, please have the community partner register with ULink49 before the student begins serving at the site. Please note that ICCE staff need at least two months to complete all necessary paperwork from community partners.
  • If you have your own list of designated community partners that you would like your students to work with please contact Glendie Domingo-Lipar to verify that there is an existing CE agreement with your community partner or to find out when the agreement expires.

Step 5: Track Service

Have your students perform the required service and keep track of their service hours with their site supervisor (minimum of 20 hours per semester, no maximum limits). Inform students of the method you would like them to use to track and submit their CSL hours for your approval.  If you would like to use ULink49’s built in tracking hours option, students can refer to How to Use Link49 Student Guide. Through this system, you will be able to review and verify the hours completed. The hours that your students uploaded into the system will have been already approved by their site supervisor.

Step 6: Approve Student Service Hours

Once you have approved your students’ completed CSL hours, you will be able to add the hours to their official transcript. See Tracking Student Hours & Official Transcripts for more instructions.