CSL Hours on Official Transcript

Students who do service learning for a offical CSL designated course, are eligible for receiving recognition on their transcript. It is important to acknowledge students' service learning efforts on their permanent academic records. This formally recognizes their contributions to the wider community, and it can be valuable for resumes, job interviews, and graduate school. If your course instructor approves your hours, he/she will input those hours when grading is due. Note: Per Academic Senate policy, a minimum of 20 service hours must be completed in order for the hours to appear on official transcript.

Tip: Be sure to check your unofficial/official transcript via SF Gateway to see if those hours are reflected.  If not, please go to the Department for the course you took and ask what forms you need to submit in order to get those hours reflected in your transcript. Bring a copy of your signed CE Learning Plan and proof of the hours you completed and were approved by your course instructor. It is important to keep copies of your CE Learning Plan and proof of completed hours.