Civic Engagement Fellows

Program Overview

The Fellows program at SF State is a service-learning program designed to assist with programming, recruitment, and outreach efforts at the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE). The Fellows act as an advocate and resource for SF State’s students, community partners, departments, and student organizations interested in becoming more involved in the community. In particular, the Fellows help plan, coordinate, and execute the service and civic engagement student specific projects at SF State and the community abroad.

This Fellowship’s role is to assist SF State students gain skills and create positive change in the SF State community. Making an explicit connection between the students’ education and its application in the world is a central component of the fellowship experience. The Fellows program is an institutionalize leadership program at SF State that develops confident and passionate civic-minded leaders to foster a campus community and culture that is engaged in the issues that matter most to the communities.

At the beginning of every fall semester, the Institute will recruit and deploy 10 SF State student leaders to the local community to participate in the Fellows experience. This fellowship is a one-year paid opportunity for rising SF State undergraduate student leaders that want to amplify and expand their community work as student leaders in their respective social, cultural, political and civic student organizations. The position will pay students $14 per hour, 15 hours per week, for 15 weeks. 

Program Objectives

The program aims to develop the Fellows in three major areas within the one-year experience: 1) personal development, 2) professional development, and 3) service-learning development. First, with the personal development portion of the outcomes, students will explore their social identities within the context of the various communities they are in contact with, both on and off campus. Second, professional development will help students generate awareness and research knowledge on issues affecting the local communities. The professional development revolves around getting students ready to be competent public speakers and delivering professional presentations and research to the various constituents in the collaboration. Finally, the service-learning development will focus on bi-weekly discussion sessions associated with service, service-learning, and civic engagement. In particular, these topical discussion sessions help identify and critically evaluating the methods and practices of successful community engagement on all constituent levels.

Fellow Responsibilities

The responsibilities for the Fellows consist of several important tasks that address the three objectives mentioned above, namely, the coordination of community and student partnerships, networking, collaboration at service sites, and communication (i.e. oral and written. Each spring the Fellows are responsible for one service project on a real community need each year, this will occur after spending the fall semester of the Fellows program doing direct service at the community agency they have chosen for the social issue they want to understand. In collaboration with a service site, the Fellows will implement the service project every spring semester. Finally, the networking task for the Fellows will entail an appointment of liaison responsibilities to certain student groups, departments, and community partners depending on the need. Once designated to specific groups the Fellows will be responsible for peer education and presentations to student clubs/orgs, classrooms, and community partners on the topics of service, service-learning, and civic engagement particular to SF State.

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AY 2016-2017 Civic Engagement Fellows

Rebeca Mayén

Major: History

Edgar Barraza

Major: Environmental Studies



Mary Fitzgerald

Major: Sociology



Ice'e Shields

Shay Shields

Major: Social Work


Alexis Moran

Major: Spanish


Jennifer Gasang

Nayeli Amaro

Major: Political Science




Eunice Kim

Major: Asian America Studies

Pamela Ortiz

Major: Studio Art


Celeste Lopez

Major: Psychology