Civic Engagement Fellows


The Civic Engagement Fellows (Fellows) will assist with programming, recruitment, and outreach efforts with ICCE. The Fellows play an integral role in the development and operations of the Institute. Each Civic Engagement Fellow is also a peer educator responsible for facilitating workshops on a variety of community topics. Students will be chosen based on their potential and their proven leadership experience, effectiveness in advocating for the community, and potential to contribute to the mission and goals of ICCE.

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Dmitra Alexa

AY 2016-2017 Civic Engagement Fellows

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes


At the beginning of every fall and spring semester, the Institute recruits several SF State student leaders to participate in the Fellows experience. This fellowship is a one-year paid opportunity for rising SF State undergraduate student leaders.


The goal of this fellowship is to help fellows gain the skills and knowledge to create positive change in our community and to develop as confident and passionate civic leaders. 

Program Outcomes

Personal Development

  • Develop an understanding of social identities and demonstrate cultural humility
  • Complete direct experiences and personal reflections in service
  • Develop and exercise critical thinking skills to analyze social justice issues

Professional Development

  • Generate awareness and knowledge on issues and concerns affecting our local communities
  • Competent in public speaking and delivering professional presentations
  • Ability to work independently, multi-task, and manage time effectively
  • Define and practice leadership as a collaboration with students, faculty, and the community
  • Assess the impact of the university-community partnerships on students, faculty, and various organizations involved

Service-Learning Development

  • Identify and critically evaluate methods and practices of successful community engagement
  • Understand the value of linking academic knowledge and community wisdom to address real world issues in a socially responsible way
  • Recognize ways in which your identities and values influence the way you participate in society
  • Apply knowledge and skills gained to your civic, personal, and professional life

Position Summary

Act as an advocate and resource for SF State students, ICCE approved community partners, departments, and student organizations. Help plan, coordinate, and execute ICCE events with staff and other Fellows. Assist and participate in major events and programs implemented by ICCE. Serve as a peer educator. The position will hire 6 students and pays $15/hr. It will require 15 hours per week commitment during the fall and spring semesters with the possibility summer/winter trainings.* All majors are encouraged to apply! (AB 540 students with DACA can apply for the Fellows positions)

Duties and Responsibilities

Coordinating Partnerships

  • Research social issues and client population within the community as selected.
  • Create at least one service project that addresses a real community need.
  • Manage the service project in conjunction with the community partner and SF State students. 
  • Maintain service project logs including successes and challenges.

Event Planning

  • ​Present service project outcomes in a culminating presentation. 


  • ​Liaison to student groups, departments, and community partners.
  • Make presentations to classrooms, students, and community partners.
  • Attend on-campus events and workshops on behalf of ICCE.
  • Attend student group meetings that are civic-minded

Peer Education (on the following topics)

  • ​Service
  • Civic Engagement 
  • Community Service-Learning (CSL)
  • Community Partner Online Database (ULink49 at SF State)


  • Publicize events through written and oral communication 
  • Create marketing materials for various events
  • Execute social media campaign

Functional Areas and Duties

    • Office hours available for project preparation
    • Documentation, assessment, and marketing materials development.


    • Enrolled as a full-time SF State student and taking at least one class at SF State
    • Completed at least one consecutive academic year at SF State 
    • Successful completion of a Community Service Learning (CSL) course (preferred)
    • Currently, holds or previously held a leadership position on campus (preferred)
    • Previous or current membership in a student club or organization (preferred)
    • Must possess knowledge and have involvement with SF State campus life
    • Cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher (preferred) 

    Application Process

    Apply Here!

    Please submit a resume and a list of two references via the application link above. For more information contact:  Jose R. Lopez,